Saturday, January 24, 2015

First week! - or at least first half week‏

Dear Family and Friends,
I am so happy to be here at the MTC! I have had a crazy first three days. I arrived at the MTC Wednesday around 12:30. Another Sister helped me get settled. We first carried my bags up 4 flights of stairs to find out that we were in an Elders building. So we carried them back down. Went from office to office to figure out a new room for me. We then carried my 50 pound bags to the fourth floor again. I went straight to class, where my teacher only speaks Spanish. A little overwhelming at first but I know it will force me to learn quicker. That afternoon I had 4 elders and I in class. Finally that evening my companion came! So it was a unique first day. haha. My companion is Hermana Handy.
She is from Gilbert, Arizona and going to Barcelona Spain. In fact, we just went to UVU yesterday to meet with the consulate to get her visa, she leaves me Monday already to go to the Spain MTC! I think I'll most likely be about 2 weeks behind her.

My district has 4 elders and 4 sisters. At least 4 of them were asked if they'd like to be moved up to an intermediate class but chose to stay to help us. Which is kind. But also kinda stressful because they already know SO MUCH Spanish. It's been good so far though. 4 of the missionaries in my district are international - Brazil/Canada, Russia/Belgium, and 2 from Tahiti. All of them speak at least 3 languages already. I love my district!
Being at the MTC is such a wonderful, spiritual experience. I have learned so much already. I love that everyone is trying to be the best they can and working hard. We are basically in class all day. Yesterday, Hermana Handy and I already taught our first lesson, to Benjamin, in Spanish! It was scary, and hard. We basically understood 30% of what he said and tried really hard in our little Spanish we know to get our message across. It went okay, but I'm hoping for better next time. :) But guess what?! I can pray, say I'm a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and bear my testimony in Spanish! All very basic, but I was proud.

One scripture that has helped me is D&C 84:82-85. It's helped me to realize if I work hard and prepare then "that portion" of the Spirit that the investigator needs to testify of the truth of what I'm saying will be there.

I know The Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-Day Saints is the restored gospel. I am so happy to be preparing to share this message with others.

I love you all!

Hermana Bingham

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