Monday, December 14, 2015

Another week has passed‏

Family and friends, 
This week has been a little crazy and stressful. We have a ton of
people to visit, yet we had many lessons fail so didn't meet with many
people. We found many obstacles with the people we actually could meet
with. It's been a week of trials, but sometimes I learn the most
during those weeks. 
We did have a huge blessing this week. We met a lady the other day on
the bus and she gave us her number. When everything Friday morning
failed we called her and she said she could meet right then, and we
were 2 minutes from her house. We taught her The Restoration and she
loved it and asked us to come back the next day to teach her 2 kids.
We did. Her 11-year-old daughter was away living with her aunt for the
summer. Her aunt is a member and the daughter has had almost all the
missionary lessons. They're really cool. 
Even though this week was stressful for me, I've felt the love my
Heavenly Father really strong. I know he knows and loves each one of
us and is aware of our circumstances. I'm looking forward to another
week serving Him here in Madrid. I love you all. Hope your week is
Hermana Bingham 
Pday in Segovia

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