Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Best 18 Months

Family and Friends,

I'm going to give a short summary of the week. It was a good one. One highlight was visiting a less active going through a lot of trials. She was crying using half a box of tissues that day. Not the highlight. But when we came back two days later she had change 180 degrees. She was smiling. And happy. And hopeful admits what appeared to be the worse thing that could happen to her. What made the difference? She had spent the entire day reading in the Book of Mormon and listening to general conference talks, the words of modern day prophets. Another testimony builder of the importance of the little things. Also, we are visiting with a part member family with a 7-year-old who wants to get baptized when he turns 8. He got up yesterday to bear his testimony. He simply said that he'd read the Book of Mormon completely (kid version) and knows it is true by the way he feels and is grateful for what he is learning and is so excited for his baptism at the end of the month. It brought such a sweet spirit to the meeting. I have learned so much from that kid, Leo. He is a great example. We also taught quite a few lessons with new people that I'm grateful for.

So this will be my last email. Next week on Monday I will be visiting some people and going to the mission home for my last night here in Spain. I have had many mixed emotions recently. I served a mission to serve the Lord and help others come unto Christ through the restored gospel. I've realized that although that was my main purpose in coming, I have had countless blessings for myself while being here. As I have taught others that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored with all the necessary ordinances, I have come to know that for myself with more surety. As I have taught and seen in others lives how living the gospel and keeping all the commandments really brings us happiness, that families can literally be together forever, that our Savior has felt everything we have and knows how to help us in whatever circumstance, that the little things we do such as reading our scriptures, praying, and coming to church make all the difference, that missionary work is one of the most important things we can do, that service brings us to Christ, that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who translated the Book of Mormon, and so much more, my testimony has truly been strengthened. I can't be more grateful for these 18 months and all I've learned that I know will truly bless me forever. I love Spain and my mission and every single experience I've had here that has helped me become a better person. Thanks for all your love and support. I can't imagine leaving here but am also excited to see you next week.

Hermana Bingham

Happy 4th of July!

They have some cool artwork here.

City of Madrid.  If you look real close you can kind of tell those are all small pictures of people from here.

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