Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 6

Family and Friends!! I can't format my email again, sorry.  This week was pretty typical - lots of classes, studying, teaching, devotionals, etc.  All really great.  We had Elder Bennett of the Seventy here last week.  He spoke on being a consecrated missionary - being fully focused, exhausted myself, and that my righteous posterity starts with my decisions to be a consecrated missionary NOW.  It was a really great, inspiring devotional.  We also had two devotionals on the Atonement this week - one from the MTC President and one from the MTC director.  They were both amazing.  I love that President Lovell made the Atonement so personally, it's hard to explain, but it was amazing.  I learned that it is important to get to know Christ, even if I don't fully understand every aspect about the Atonement.  I decided to read just one chapter a day from the New Testament.  I am loving it so far, and figured it is a great way for me to get to know Christ better.  Hermana Handy and I had our last lesson with Antonia.  She made AMAZING progress.  She had prayed in a Catholic church for peace and didn't feel like her prayers were answered so turned to mediation for peace.  We talked to her about prayers often being answered through other people and she now knows hers was answered through a friend.  We taught her the Plan of Salvation and the Spirit was definitely helping Hermana Handy and I.  It was a wonderful last lesson.  She said she believes in God and the Book of Mormon and she is doing great.  We teach our last lesson to Ana tomorrow.  My park experience last week was much harder than my first week.  Not many wanted to listen to us.  One man was very interested in knowing more about Mormons, but not in actually reading the BOM.  We spoke to an Atheist, many devote Catholics, and a few others that just were not as receptive.  But even though it was difficult, I learned a lot about being positive on hard days and learning from the bad days as well.  Spain is great.  I am excited to leave to the field on Tuesday.  I am not sure what area I will be in yet, but I will let you all know!  I love you all lots! Love, Hermana Bingham
I didn't have a p-day since last emailing because of schedule changes so this is the only pic from the week.  It is from my classroom window.  We love watching the sun rise.

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