Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week 4ish

Family and Friends,
Hola!  Well I made it to Madrid.  I have had a great week.  First I'll tell you about my last few weeks in Provo.  On Sunday, Sacrament meeting was on faith in Christ.  The main thing I learned is that faith leads to action and comes from righteousness.  In our district meeting, Hermanas Tuaira, Dexter, and I taught the lesson on the Book of Mormon.  It went well.  The Sunday evening devotional was really interesting.  Kathy and Kelly Mills (who operated the 14 international Mission Training Centers) spoke.  They had great personalities and were really good speakers.  I learned that my success as a missionary will not be determined by my talents, experiences, wisdom, etc but on my willingness.  I also learned that the best way I can find happiness here on my mission is by forgetting about myself and focusing on others.
Monday morning I had my service and gym time in Provo then was off to the airport.  I traveled with one other Elder also transferring to the Madrid MTC.  We took the frontrunner to the airport.  I was able to call home from the airport which was really nice,  It was great talking to you family!  On my flight to Paris I had a whole row to myself.  I tried to sleep..did for a few hours.  Toward the end I started talking with a lady across the aisle from me.  She was from Paris and visiting her son in the states.  We talked about our religions and believes (she is 7 day evangelist) and talked about similarities and differences.  It was an interesting conversation.  She was also really amazed that they had Mormons in Spain.  Haha.  My flight from Paris to Madrid I was also on a row myself, and couldn't tell you anything about because I slept the whole time.  When I arrived in Madrid, tow teachers from the MTC picked us up and took us here.  I met with the MTC President and his wife.  They are great.  I then ate, had class, unpacked a lithe, and went to bed.  The time change is hard, but I'm surviving.  I just wake up about every hour from like 2 in the morning.
The Madrid MTC has been great so far, and also really different from the Provo one.  Classes are set up a little different so I'm trying to adjust.  We covered material in a different order as well so I'm getting double of some and missing other grammar lessons, but I think it will work out just fine.  My district in Provo was advanced in Spanish for beginners and now coming to an actual beginning level district I'm feeling great about my Spanish.  It really is coming along.  I taught two lessons yesterday with Hermana Handy - yes, we are companions again!  One with Ana and one with Antonia.  Ana works at the art museum and is doing an exhibit on Christ right now so wanted to learn more about other religions.  She is wonderful.  Antonia doesn't believe in God, but believes meditation is all she needs to be happy and find peace.  She agreed to meet with the missionaries to help them practice their Spanish.  So both investigators are different than any others I've taught but I am excited for the things I will learn.  The lessons yesterday went well.  One more thing with Spanish is that I was challenged by my branch president at the Provo MTC to read from the Book of Mormon out loud for 15-20 min a day.  Simply for pronunciation, not understanding necessarily.  So I have been doing that.  It takes me forever so I was only in 1 Nephi 15 this morning but I realized as I was reading it that I could totally follow the story!!  Definitely some words I didn't understand but it was amazing.  I was able to go to the Madrid temple this morning.  It's beautiful.  I love the temple.  Madrid is pretty, the little I've seen.  Every P-day we get to pick an activity in the city to do.  Today I am going to a Cathedral so I will get to explore the city a little more.  I'm excited.
I have been so blessed with my teachers, leaders, companions, and learning Spanish.  I am very grateful for it.  
Love you all!
Hermana Bingham
Not sure what order pics will attach but they are me with branch press Swenson and wife in provo
my creative shot at temple
me telling Hermanas Tuaira and Dexter bye
Madrid temple
and view from my window at the Madrid MTC.. I can see the temple and city!

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