Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 9, 2015

Hola Familia y amigos!!

I have SO much to write this week. So if you get tired of reading.  I´m not offended. 

First off, Happy Birthday to my brother Bradley! The big 16 today! I hope to hear some great dating stories. And happy birthday this Saturday to my dad! He´s a few years older than 16... I hope you both have amazing birthdays! Love you tons!!

Second, I´m finally in the mission field! I am in the Alcobendas area, it covers Alcobendas and San Sebastian de los Reyes, both suburbs of Madrid. My trainer is Hermana Clements from Spanish Fork, Utah. I am loving the mission so far. I spent all Tuesday at the mission home. The Jacksons are amazing. We had a lot of scripture study, talking, and eating. Then finally that night we met at the stake center and found out our trainers and areas! About two hours later I was sitting in the church in Alcobendas teaching English class. That is the service activity we do every week - and I love it. I get to teach advanced (Hermana Clements does beginning) so basically just talk to the people in English. It´s wonderful. Then we had a lesson right after that. So there was no time wasted to start missionary work.

First, I want to talk about our investigators. We have many - we taught 22 lessons this past week. So I will mention the ones with baptismal dates for now. Karen - wonderful Dominican Republican lady with two beautiful, awesome children ages like 8 and 6 or so. I love our lessons with her, they are so spiritual and she is awesome and so sincere. She comes to the ward FHE (which is awesome! they have a huge turnout every week of members and investigators) but hasn´t been to church yet, which is our hold up. Hopefully next week. Nancy and her son Roger are also on baptismal date. They love learning and are also super nice. We are still working on getting them to church. So please pray for church attendance in this area.. that is one major thing we are struggling with. We had our first lesson with another lady, Magy, Friday and she accepted a baptismal date. She is golden. Was taught by some elders awhile back but moved and lost contact.

The ward here is very functioning which is great. We have an awesome ward mission leader and bishop and everything else. The bishop´s daughter plays a few hymns, so they were very excited when they heard I coul play a few more. So thank you to my parents for encouraging me to keep up with piano, and for my grandma reminding me I should really practice hymns before I come. This area is also the area of the mission home so we get the AP´s and office elders and senior office couple in our district, which I love. We walk alot. Don´t use the metro in this area. And it´s ALL hills, but I actually love it.

My address will be the mission home address for my whole mission. Currently living close I will get packages fast, but it could take awhile when I´m in the north or on the islands. 

I am really loving the mission. I hope my Spanish will improve so I can actually communicate better, but I know it will come more with time. Just got to be patient. I´m so grateful for the opportunity to serve here in Madrid.

Also, I forgot many people asked about the schedule.  We get up at 7 instead of 6:30 then have a 2 hour media dis when almost everything is closed from 2-4.  We eat then and have study time during that.  Then we don't have a dinner time, just snacks from people we visit, etc.  Have to be to our apt by 10.  Everything is a half hour later during the summer months.  I am super grateful for my schedule, it's wonderful!

Love you all!

Hermana Bingham

1. Madrid MTC district with Hermana Suarez
2. We got dominoes pizza our last night at the MTC!
3. I LOVE the Madrid Temple  
4. MTC district with Hermano and Hermana Ponsoda (siblings)

5. My Alcovendas ward missionaries out for pizza with Andres the ward mission leader and Tony - member of the ward
6. my example of the hills I get to walk all day

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