Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 10

Hello Family and Friends!

This past week I had many experiences that helped me grow and realize some areas I need to work on. It was a challenging week, with some really amazing moments in there too. Two of our investigators want to learn/practice English too. Hermana Clements and I realized they do not have a testimony of the Restoration - of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. So we went back to the basics and taught the first lesson of this in Spanish and English. I never realized how hard it is to think in both languages, translating is hard, but it was a great practice. Wednesday we had district meeting. President Jackson, his wife, and daughter that just got off her mission, were all there too. We had a wonderful discussion of the Atonement and how we can understand it better and how we can help our investigators understand it and apply it in their lives.

Thursday to Friday I went on intercambios to Alcala - another area of Madrid. I was with Hermana Bennet for the day. She was super nice. It was a little strange jumping into an area I know nothing about, but I made the best of it and learned from it. When I returned to Alcobendas Friday, Hermana Clements informed me that they had not had contact with Karen, our investigator who was supposed to be baptized Saturday. By that evening we found out she would not be able to make it to her baptism on Saturday. It was really hard news to come back to, but we have faith that we will be able to continue to meet with her and help her feel prepared in the future.

Last night all the missionaries in the Madrid area went to a devotional by Brad Wilcox - BYU professor and in charge of the foreign exchange program here. It was all in Spanish and I understood the just of it, wahoo! He talked about the family of Israel. I learned a lot, it was super interesting. Way too much to put here, but someday I can explain it all.

This week we loss a few investigators due to different reasons. And with the Karen situation, it made for a rough week. But I was reading the New Testament this morning about the life of Jesus and his apostles. I read a chapter where He performs miracles, then right after, his disciples have doubt and fear and are not understanding of the miracles Christ performed. I applied it to my own life and realized that there are miracles, no matter how small, in my life everyday and I need to recognize them, appreciate them, and be grateful for them. One miracle is Saturday, although we did not have a baptism, Hermana Clements and I ended up with hours of contacting time and got so many numbers of potential new investigators. The Lord is blessing us. I am so excited for general conference next weekend and Easter. I know that Christ lives. I am so grateful for the knowlege I have of Christ and His Gospel and the opportunity I have to share it.

I love you all! Thank you for all your emails and letters, it is great to hear from you.


Hermana Bingham

1. Hermana Clements and I enjoying the rain
2. Kebab - Turkish sandwiches they have everywhere here. You watch them heat the outside of this HUGE
chunk of meat then shave it off. The meat is a little sketch, but it tastes amazing.
3. Hermana Bennett and I during intercambios in Alcala
4. Isabela - an awesome girl (baptized a monthish ago) I taught during intercambios then randomly ran into her while in Madrid last night

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