Monday, March 14, 2016

Amazing, Fun week in Santiago‏

Family and Friends, 
What an amazing, miracle-filled, productive, fun week it has been.
Hermana Hill and I have had a great first week together. The week
before I really felt like things were starting to pick up in the work
here, and it took off. We have met more new friends that are
interested in the gospel this week than any other. Hermana Hill wanted
to meet all the members so we met with many of them, which
strengthened our relationship with each one. It was awesome. And, the
sun has shined the past few days, and I'm loving it! 
We met with an investigator who has been visiting home in Mexico for
the past few months, but is back. He actually called us when he
returned to Spain. We had a great, powerful lesson and he is excited
to prepare for baptism. We also met with a member's cousin again, it
had been awhile since we had met with schedules and the distance she
lives. She has great questions that help us think and be able to
explain the gospel in the simple, pure manner that it is. 
On Friday night we had a relief society dinner and talent show. They
wanted Hermana Hill and I to perform, so with the little time we had
we went to a member's house, cut a few songs, and danced. Had maybe 20
minutes to practice, but it was super fun. There were a handful of
sisters that don't usually come to church that were there, it was
great talking to them. The show and dinner were nice. 
Saturday was the YW New Beginnings that we went to. A very small YW
program but they gave wonderful short talks about their experiences.
After, we went to a basketball game. Tyler Haws, former BYU basketball
player, is our branch mission leader. Our mission president gave us
permission to go to a game if we brought a friend with us, and got
tickets for his family, who happened to be in the north this weekend.
So the Packs, elders, Bakes (senior couple), José and Jonathan
(friends from ward) all went. It was a little weird, had a taste of
'real life' and I felt strange just sitting watching a game for so
long (double overtime), but we had a lot of fun! 
The missionary work here is improving little by little. I love Hermana
Hill and am already becoming a better missionary by following her
example. I'm very grateful to be here in Santiago. 
Love you all! 
Hermana Bingham 
It was time.
Sneak peak of RS talent show
And the dinner
Great sunny pday
#2 - my branch mission leader

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