Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 12 - End of my first transfer in the field!‏

Dear Family and Friends!

Well I have officially ended my first transfer in the mission field! Crazy! I keep getting the question of how I feel.. and it is kinda like another birthday or something, I feel pretty much the same. ha. But I have reflected on where I am now compared to when I entered the MTC and it is miraculous how much I have been able to learn, adjust, love the people, etc in such a short time. Day to day it is sometimes hard to see the progress, but looking back I have no doubt that the Lord has helped me. I am extremely grateful.  

So today was transfer day. Everyone in my area stayed except for Hermana Ross. I am super sad she left! We actually all ¨knew¨ Elder Bohne was leaving because he was traing a new Elder to take his place in the office. But it turnes out he is staying and opening a new companionship in this area and training. So we now have 10 missionaries just in the Alcobendas ward. Crazy. And awesome. There is a lot of work to be done here.

Unfortunately, I had a cold this week and then passed it to Hermana Clements, but I think we are both on the getting well end. It is just tiring to be sick and go all day long. I definitely had no issues sleeping well this week. :) This week Hermana Clements and I had a lot of time to find new people to teach. We have already seen answers to our fasts and prayers. We taught a new man, Venancio. We aslo had a lesson set up with Claudia, we could not get ahold of her to confirm but had her address as well so just went. We were not expecting much, if she was even home (I know I need to work on having a little more faith), but Claudia and her awesome 18 year old daughter Vanesa were home and we had a great lesson with them. They are hard to get ahold of, but great when we can meet so hopefully just stopping by continues to work.

Karen, the lady who was going to get baptized 2 weeks ago, randomly showed up to our ward FHE activity that she used to always come to. After almost two weeks of trying to get ahold of her, it was so great to see her and her kids. We have a lesson with her this week. We are praying for inspiration as to what she needs.

Our old investigator, Cristian, that the elders are teaching now, invited us to his mom´s house to talk with her. It was a cool experience and awesome that Cristian is ready to be sharing the gospel with others.

Nancy and Roger are doing well. They are still progressing. The issue is still church attendance because of their work schedules. We had a pretty straight forward lesson with them about it and they committed to talk to their bosses. Tonight we will find out how that went. As soon as they are able to figure out a way to make it to church they will be ready for baptism.

One neat thing I studied this week started with me studying confidence and humility.  I realized that the word confianza in Spanish means both confidence and trust. So then I started studying trust and faith too and found this awesome connection between confidence, humility, trust, and faith. I know that as I come to have more faith in the Lord and trust in Him and His plan, I can be more confident and learn to really rely on Him.

I hope you are all doing well! Love you all!

Hermana Bingham

1. someone informed me I really did not include the picture of all the sisters from last pday, so here it is!
2. Me and Eusebio - the cutest old man we visit. He is less active because he is in a nursing home and cannot attend church, but is so sweet.

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