Monday, April 27, 2015

Cristian´s Baptism!!‏

Hola Family and Friends!

I have a lot of exciting news from this week! The biggest.. is that Cristian was baptized! Hermana Clements and I taught him for awhile, then for different reasons we passed him to Elders Nielsen and Hendricks of this area, who were perfect for him! He has such a strong testimony, and at the beginning he claimed not to even believe in God. He is great. And is now sharing the gospel with others too! His mom is set to be baptized the end of May. I am very happy for him!

After the baptism (which we do in the stake center right next to the temple), we took Karen and her kids on a ´´temple tour´´. There is a really cool way with statues, etc to talk about the temple here. After, Karen told us how she loved coming to the baptism and knows ´´she is next´´. I think I say this every week, but I love their family. We also started teaching David, the 8 year old, and Alison, who is 6. David always talks about how he wants to be baptized too. So cute.

Other big news... Madrid Spain Mission is officially an iPad mission! It has been a rumor for quite some time, but it is official now. ALL of the missionaries of the mission, even those on the islands, are coming to the Madrid temple square May 7th for training. I am not positive if we actually get them that day or details, but it is happening. It will be a huge blessing. It is amazing how much technology helps with missionary work and the church in general.

On Thursday, my bday, we had an apointment with our 93 (almost 94) year old investigator. The ward member who gave us her reference was there too and made me a cake and sweet rice. It was a fun little celebration. And all the missionaries tried to surprise me and sang to me that night when we were all there. Also, Cristian (the one who just was baptized), gave me a present. And was so excited about it. haha. It was a great day.

We had a really great district meeting this week. Our district leader asked our mission leader, Andy, to share a quick thought with us. Andy showed a YouTube video of this women motivational speaker - I think it was called the invisible woman. She basically talked about how she did all this work and was also super busy, but never appreciated. Then her friend went on a trip and brought her a present of book about lots of old, awesome Cathedrals and a note thanking her for all the things she does, even if they are unnoticed. This motivational speaker talked about how the artists and builders of these Cathedrals most often were unkown. They had sacrificed years and years of their lives to build the great Cathedrals, yet were never recognized. Andy related it to missionary work and how a lot of things we do go unnoticed, but that is okay. Even the little things we do are super important. We ourselves may not see the result of our work, but it is making a difference. He said it way better than I just summarized, but that is the idea.

For pday today we went to Segovia. No time for the pics this week, but next.

I love you all so much! Hope you have a fantastic week!


Hermana Bingham

1. Hermana Clements and I at this restaurant with 100 different mini sandwiches, it is fun to chose randomly and be surprised :)
2. Me with Alisva and Maria Antonia on my birthday
3. me, Hermana Clements, Andy (mission leader), Cristian
4. me, Hermana Clements, Andy (mission leader), Cristian, Elder Nielsen, Elder Hendricks

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