Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother´s Day = Skype!!!‏

Family and Friends,

This week has been great. Yesterday, I got to skype my family! I love them so much! It was so great to see them and talk to them, the time went way fast. Talking to them felt like I had just left for the mission, even though it has been over 4 months. Time is crazy.

This Thursday we had the entire mission together (first time since the Canary Islands have been part of the mission) for the iPad training. I went expecting guidelines, specific training, with some spiritual stuff as well. I was wrong. It was a great spiritual experience with hardly any specific training. Elder Dykes and Elder Allen talked a lot about how we have been taught the correct principles and now we just get to apply them to something new. They talked about how we are the agents and in control and the iPads are simply an object. They mentioned how blessed we are to learn, in a controlled environment, how to use technology in a way that it doesn´t take over our lives and we can use it as a tool. Our most important tool will still be the Book of Mormon and the teacher still the Holy Ghost. I am really exciting for this opportunity.

This week we taught two sisters, Sofia and Stefy, a few times. They are super sweet and accepting and smart. They have a baptismal date in June. We also taught a man, David. He knows a lot and had a lot of great questions. He came to church yesterday as well. Karen and her kids are still doing great. We are still waiting on having approval for her son´s baptism. She has the mindset that someone should be older and understand the committment they are making more fully before being baptized. We are helping her understand God made the age of accountability 8 and her son is that age, has a testimony, wants to be baptized, and wants to live the gospel. We hope they can both be baptized on the same day (May 23) as a family. :)

This week, over a course of a few different experiences, I learned - again- that missionary work is not easy (even though I absolutely love it and am extremely grateful for this opportunity). I have realized things that I can work on and improve. I am grateful to have those experiences and to get to work on becoming better each day. I know that this work is the work of the Lord. I know through the Atonement I can become more like Him each day.

Thank you for all your love and support! Love you all!

Hermana Bingham

pics: The Chappels (senior couple that has been serving in the office) left back to the states today. I am going to miss them tons! They took care of us missionaries here in Alcobendas so much. I have some great memories with them and am so grateful for their service!!

Here is a photo of the whole mission during our training.  I am on the last row of girls on the middle-leftish... good luck finding me. :)

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