Monday, September 14, 2015

Giraffe Rice, Painting, and teaching in English‏

Family and friends,

This week I've been really grateful for the ward members. We ate with a member Daniel. He's awesome. We ate 'Giraffe Rice' with chicken. Delicious. Daniel is from Ghana and was baptized about 7 months ago. He's a great ward member and shares the gospel with everyone! And helps us in lessons. About every time he is with us he runs into a different friend and introduces us. He's just a super friendly, loving man. We're very blessed to have him here in this ward. We also helped paint Angela's (13-yr-old member) room this week. I had a lot of fun. The people they share a piso with our investigators right now and were helping too. There names are Reyda and Kedney- a couple from Peru. It was really fun and great to get to know them all a little better. I can feel our relationship with Reyda y Kedney growing. We had a great lesson with them yesterday and pray they will come to realize the significance and meaning of the Restoration.

This week I also learned that Hermana Vilariño speaks way more English that I realized. We had a new goal for her English where I speak in English in the piso at nights, but she'd normally respond in Spanish still. This week we taught two Africans, Jonathon and Kenny, who were both more comfortable with English. So WE taught in English. Hermana Vilariño did so great! Both lessons went really well. She's awesome.

Leo continues to progress, just little by little. School starts this week for him so we won't be able to meet as often unfortunately. He has a few doubts still, but is also looking forward to his baptism. It is set for 2 weeks. I know if he is reading and praying each day with the real intent to get responses to his questions, he will.

One funny thing that keeps coming up is people, usually from Peru or Ecuador, will recognize the name Bingham but not know from where. As soon as I tell them it could be because the name of the person who found Machu Pichu is Hyrum Bingham they light up and get so excited. They suddenly want to be friends and talk more. It's come in handy.
Each week I love this area more and more! I'm grateful to be here with Hermana Vilariño as a companion and for everything we are learning and getting to experience together.

Love you all tons! Hope your week is great!

Hermana Bingham

Hermana Vilariño had her first Oreo with peanut butter! She loved it.
We had a lesson at the temple this week and I couldn't resist taking a picture, the clouds were awesome.

Painting with Angela

You can't really see the city in the picture, but we walked over a bridge and it looked really cool
Buses...More time than I wished.

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