Monday, September 28, 2015

I'm Training!‏

Family and Friends,

This week has been great! It's flown by. Wednesday we had this great district meeting, partially about talents and did that awkward thing where we go around to every person and describe some talents. Well turns out this was prep for me for that night. After planning we got a call from our zone leader who told me, "you're having a baby! And it's going to be a girl!" (We refer to new missionaries as the 'babies' and the trainers as 'moms/dads') Yes, I'm training. It was a surprise, but I'm so excited! Between the district meeting and the meeting Friday we had for all trainers I'm feeling ready and excited and anxious to find out who I'll train. I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity. Today Hermana Vilariño left me to go to another part of Madrid and I'm with Hermana Rojas for the day until tomorrow when we get our new companions. I'm going to miss Hermana Vilariño a lot. We've had a great transfer together.

Wednesday we also had an amazing lesson with a new investigator, Dayana. She's 18, a member reference, and REALLY awesome and prepared. She came to church and loved it. I'm really excited to keep teaching her.

Sunday the parents of one of the elders, Elder Dampt, serving in the same ward as me were here since he's finishing his mission. As I saw them I realized I know his parents- worked in the same office as his dad about 4 years ago and his mom is the sister of my previous bishop in Mesa. It was fun to see them. Small Mormon world. We also got to see the missionaries from the MTC sing at the temple. There are so many of them! It was fun to see them all together. Some to Madrid mission, others to Malaga and Barcelona. And more coming from the Provo MTC. Our mission is getting 43 new missionaries tomorrow. A ton.

The missionary work has still been pretty slow this week, but we have a few new people that I'm excited to teach! I know as we work hard, are obedient, and follow the Spirit we will find those people who are prepared to hear more.

Hope you've all had a great week as well! 

Hermana Bingham 

Sweater Wednesday with the district. (pic to come)
Dominos. (pic to come)
Hermana trainers with Hermana pack.
Delicious food with the Guzmans. Yucca, carne, rice.
Missionaries from the MTC singing.
Bye to Hermana Vilariño 

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