Monday, October 19, 2015

9 months. Half way.‏

Family and Friends! 
This week flew by. We visited a lot of members is week and I enjoyed it a lot. The members here are great. I think I mentioned this last week, but President Pack challenged us to teach the atonement to at least 3 members each week. I've been studying the Atonement a lot in preparation for this, to be able to share scriptures, videos, talks, etc that seem to fit each persons individual needs. I've loved my studies this week focusing on the atonement. It helps me remember why I'm here. 
I loved noting little miracles through out this week. We had a lot of rain, yet every time it was raining hard we had just knocked on a members door who let us in or something and not once got soaked. We also found a map of a pueblo we work in- that literally haven't existed for 5 years but a security guard decided to take his copy out of his desk for us, which in turn led to finding people that would have been much more difficult. 
As far as investigators go, our most progressing right now is Dayana. She's accepted a baptism date this week! Nov 21. She came to the YSA activity we had Saturday night, which was super fun, and has amazing, real questions that show she really cares and is here to learn. She's awesome. 
Tomorrow also marks 9 months of me being a missionary. That's halfway. I've had A LOT of mixed feelings about it. Mostly it's been a week of reflecting and thinking if I'm the type of missionary I'd like to be, because the things I want to improve, now is the time to do it. I'm so grateful to share with others and help them find hope through the message of our Savior, Jesus Christ and that His gospel has been restored, that we have the priesthood to perform the necessary ordinances to return to our Heavenly Fathers presence. I love my mission. 
And I love you all! And miss you so much. Thanks for your support! I appreciate all of you and your examples. Hope you have a wonderful week! 
Hermana Bingham 
We had a Brazilian birthday party for someone in the ward.  Lots of delicious food.
This is old but I just got it.  Hermana's of barrio 8.
Finally got a picture by the toro statue in one of the pueblos.

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