Monday, October 26, 2015

I love being a missionary‏

Family and Friends, 

Another great week. This week was special because Hermana Maza and I
had many meetings on top of the normal, such as interviews with
President Pack and a meeting for all the new missionaries and their
trainers. I LOVE meetings in the mission, I always feel the spirit
help me learn something or remind me of something and after I'm so
excited to go work hard and share the gospel with everyone and become
better. I love my mission president, President Pack. He has been
called of God to help with the missionary work here and is inspired.
One of my favorite quotes from him in our new missionaries training
meeting is, "don't live the gospel like a buffet." We can't pick and
choose what and when we want to live the gospel- I'll read and pray
when I feel like it, be at church when there's not a big Super Bowl
game, serve others when I'm not too tired, etc. 

We had a great lesson with Dayana. We felt like we should 'go back' to
the first lesson with her and watch the Joseph Smith movie. It was the
Spirit that prompted us to do that because she loved it and felt the
Spirit. I love lessons with her because they are so sincere. We also
had a good lesson with Jonathon. Due to other circumstances we ended
up only having a few minutes with him so decided to teach the
importance of the little things such as read,pray, come to church
through the MM 'flecks of gold'. He really related to it (where he's
from in Africa they mine some other mineral) and asked why the movie
wasn't longer. Haha 

We started teaching a new less active family this week. Mom, dad, and
13-year-old daughter from Cuba. They're precious. I love when it's the
young kids who have the super strong testimony and love participating,
like their daughter.

I'm so grateful for all my blessings and to be a missionary here in
Madrid. I can't imagine not making the decision to serve a mission. Love you all! 

Hermana Bingham 

Learned how to make empanadas this week.
I love Hermana Maza!

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