Monday, February 22, 2016

13 months‏

Family and Friends, 
What a great week it's been. The first half was basically spent in
leadership training and the zone meeting. Last Monday I left with
Hermana Sykes on the train to Madrid for concilio- our leadership
meeting. It was at the mission home, and really weird to be in my
first area again without time to visit people! But it was fun to be
back. We stayed at the mission home Monday night and Tuesday for the
meeting. It was amazing. I learned so much from what was said as well
and through the Holy Ghost of specific things I can apply here in
Santiago. The zone leaders and Hermana Sykes and I planned a little
Tuesday night for what we would share in zone meeting. Stayed with
some Hermanas Tuesday night then back to the north Wednesday. It was a
long trip and I hardly slept for three days, but it was definitely
worth it. Hermana Sykes and Graff stayed with us Wednesday since the
zone meeting was in Santiago. Then after the meeting Hermanas Staker
and Jensen stayed with us for exchanges - we are trying to do them now
where both Hermanas come to our area. We had a lot of success.
Hermanas Iregui and Jensen had some great lessons and Hermana Staker
and I found some great new potentials. They left Friday afternoon, and
I was finally with my actual companion again for the last few days of
the week. 
Hermana Iregui and I found a family that has met with the missionaries
a few years ago. They are probably some of the nicest people I've met
here and hope that they find the time and have the desire to progress.
We also met with a man Hermana Staker and I contacted on the street,
Francisco Javier, who was so happy to find out that more sacred
scriptures, the Book of Mormon, exist. I've already been a witness of
the help of the Lord with His work here. 
We might be small in number
of Mormons, or even those that believe in God, but He hasn't forgotten
about his children here.

The branch president also made a comment on Sunday that I liked. He
asked us how we would prepare ourselves if we received a special
invitation to spend the day with Christ. He told us THIS is the way
that we should use the Sabbath Day. A great thing to ponder. 
Thanks for all your love and support. I love and miss you all! Hope
you have a wonderful week. 
Hermana Bingham

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