Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I'm going to the north!‏

Dear Family and Friends, 
Well it's been a crazy week. But a good one. One thing that I was
really grateful for this week are the ward members. We had members
helping in lessons, that changed the lessons for the better. Members
inviting friends to church and family home evenings. Members helping
out at church, feeding us, sharing their testimonies, and showing lots
of their love. We also had a few service projects with members - one
helping a family move. I've grown to love the members here. I've also
learned missionary work is so much better as we work together as full
time missionaries and members. 
This week we also had appointments for some of my residency paperwork
and with the doctor that seemed to take awhile, but the missionary
work continues. We had some great lessons as well. It's a blessing to
study and teach the basic doctrine daily.
This past day has been crazy. Saturday I found out that I will be
serving in the north of Spain now, in an area called Santiago, in
Galicia. I'm going to the beautiful, green, cold, rainy north. I am
currently sitting in my 5 hour train ride. I will be companions - with
another native!! I'm so blessed to have so many native companions. Her
name is Hermana Iregui and is from Columbia. I'll be a sister training
leader for the zone there. I'm excited and pray constantly for the
help of my Heavenly Father with His work. 
I love you all lots!! 
Hermana Bingham 
LOTS of photos this week... Some of my B8 friends!

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