Monday, February 8, 2016


Family and Friends, 
It's been a good week. Very different, but good. Here in Santiago
there is just a small branch - yesterday there were 28 people at
church, including the baby. Our area is Santiago and a ton of little
towns surrounding it. It's a great blessing to have a senior couple
serving here with a car to help us get out to the far places. The
Bakes are awesome and a huge help. 
The truth is we currently only have a couple of people we are
teaching. I met two of them last week, Antón and Cielo. Antón is 61
and they just started teaching him. Cielo is 13 and waiting for
permission to be baptized. We also taught a new guy, Michael. Hermanas
Iregui and Baxter talked to him the other week on the street. Hermana
Iregui told me he wasn't too sure if a god even existed. So we studied
specifically to teach about our loving Heavenly Father. And the lesson
went great. Way better than I thought it would. He wants to learn
more, but with his whole family. We pray his family will be as
receptive as him. 
We had a mission tour last week as well with Elder Moreda from the
Seventy. He came and visited the two zones in the north on Friday. He
talked about a lot of things. One that specifically stuck out to me
has to do with the fact that many missionaries have the mind set that
the north is hard, there's hardly any work, and no one wants to
listen. He told us pretty boldly that if we think like this, we better
repent. We must rely on the Lord and he WILL help us find those who
are prepared to listen to the gospel. Because they are here. I hope to
do all I can to help find these people. I know as I increase my faith,
we will find them. He also said if we don't know what to talk about as
we start talking to people, testify of Christ. After the leaders of
the zones had a meeting with him. 8 missionaries, President and
Hermana Pack, and Elder Moreda and his wife. We had a question and
answer and then he gave us specific advice on working in this area.
I'm so grateful I got to be part of it. 
I hope to help His work here as I exercise my faith. I'm so grateful
to be serving here in Santiago and for everything I'm learning and the
opportunity I have to testify of Christ! 
Love you all! 
Hermana Bingham 
Mission tour
Spanish tortilla

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