Monday, June 15, 2015

No more Alcobendas ward!‏

Family and friends!
This week has had its ups and downs, but that is mission life!  Really the hardest part has been every single perfectly confirmed day with members and all completely fail.  It just put us doing a lot of back and forth walking for nothing.  I just wish people would say they can't make it if they can't instead of not showing up. But it's all good.  :)  We will made the best of it.  Found some awesome people in the streets and passed by some people in their homes and were actually able to talk with them.  Also, I don't remember if I've mentioned our investigator Mostafa yet, but he's awesome!  He was born in morocco but moved to Spain as a teenager so has a Islamic/Catholic religious background.  But now he wants to be Mormon!  He loves everything we teach and he learns in church and at the FHE activities.  He immediately applies it to his own life.  And knows it's good and right and wants it for his family.  He's such a friendly man too.  I'm really excited for him.
This week we also got our iPads!  I love using the gospel library app for studying.  They have been very helpful in lessons too.  Obviously our main and most important tool in conversion is still the BOM but there are also amazing things we are able to do with the iPads.  Technology is definitely a blessing in the Lords work.
Oh one more cool random thing.  In church yesterday the stake president said that everything for the new church building here has been approved!  Its going to be so nice.  They need a bigger space.  Also, we are no longer the Alcobendas ward.  We are now the San Sebastian  de Los Reyes ward (since that is the city the building is actually in).  I hope you all are doing great!  Thanks for all the support!
Hermana Bingham

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