Monday, June 8, 2015

Quick update on some investigators and Courage!‏

Family and Friends!

I feel like I just wrote you all yesterday, and here I am again. I am still loving the work here in Alcobendas! Here are a few investigator/recent convert updates:
Nancy and Roger - ´´unfortunately´´ Roger´s arm was only sprained, not broken, so he is back to work and not able to come to church. We are working hard on getting both their work schedules changed. We taught them how to have an FHE this week and it was super fun. They are great.
Karen and kids - Taught them how to hold an FHE as well. Such a fun day. She cooked delicious empanadas for us. She was also asigned to speak in sacrament meeting in a few weeks and is excited for it! She is so cute! Love them!
Mayra - New, found her in area book. Super awesome. Has searched for the truth with catholics, jehovah´s witnesses, evangelists, and now us. She is super  cool, accepting, and has the desire to really know.
Mostafa - From morocco but moved to spain when about 15 so has a Muslim/Catholic mixed religious background, all he wants is the best for his family and to really know what is right
David - still teaching, he is progressing lots, he came to church and was searching the scriptures (the Guia alot - like the spanish version of the index, but not going to lie, even cooler because it combines the bible dictionary with the index) during testimony meeting about the topics talked about, he decided our next lesson is going to be on Thomas S. Monson

We had a great district meeting on Wednesday about courage and whenever we have fear we should pray. It was really great. I actually was thinking about one of my favorite quotes from the movie ´´We Bought a Zoo´´ - something about the fact the we only need ´10 seconds of insane courage!´ It is so true and applicable to about every aspect of life. I find in missionary work, such as contacting, as soon as I start talking with someone it is easy - I just need those 10 seconds of insane courage to get me started. :)

I am very grateful to be serving here in Spain! I have learned so much. I can already see a difference in myself and can think of many ways my lilfe will be changed in the future by this great experience. Thanks to all of you for your support!! Love you all!

Hermana Bingham

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