Monday, June 1, 2015

Miracles in Alcobendas!‏

Family and Friends!!

It has been a wonderful week here in Alcobendas! Hermana Clements and I are making our third transfer together the best one! Knowing the area and how we work with each other has been a huge blessing in working very effectively. We have been able to see many miracles this week!

We met with a man named Katungo this week. About 2 weeks ago, he literally ran after us yelling ´´Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ´´ over and over (we were running to an apointment we did not want to be late to). Sadly, we wanted to keep running because people yell at us all the time, but do not normally have nice things to say. But eventually we stopped and he told us he was a member, but inactive for 7-8 years. and ready to start coming again. He had all the missionary language material for teaching the gospel in spanish (he is from Africa and speaks English.. and about 5 other languages now) with him, in his bag because he loved going out with the missionaries and teach. We were able to meet with him this week. He taught us the Restoration and Plan of Salvation, quoting scriptures and all. It was cool. We figured out why he had not been going to church. He had a work trip in Barcelona this weekend but said he will be at church next week. He is really awesome, has tons of faith, and knows so much! I am excited for him.

I have also mentioned Nancy and Roger (mother and son) who we teach. They have not been able to come to church due to work schedules, it has been an ongoing struggle. When we visited them this week, Roger´s arm was in a cast. He broke it. He works as a lifeguard. The doctor told him he could not work until his arm was healed, which means he came to church!! They live pretty far so it was awesome to see a teenage boy´s faith as he took the metro across the city, ´´early´´ in the morning, to come to church. He is great. Who knew breaking an arm could be such a blessing. :)

We have also had other small miracles such as be able to use the members more in lessons and finding many new people to teach. I am excited for all our new investigators.

We also watched a really cool video in district meeting this week, I think it is called ´´lift´´. You should all try to find it and watch it. It is about a woman in a wheelchair who needs to be put in bed every night so a bunch of men from their ward volunteer. It talks about the change of their attitude as they came to really love Kathy, the lady. A quote I loved is basically that we heal the body by turning inward, but that does not work to heal the soul, we have to turn outward. I am starting to see the importance of service and gaining the trust and love of others as a missionary.

I am so grateful to be serving a mission! I love you all so much!!

Hermana Bingham

pic: this was on a bulletin board in the church building, it is slightly cheesy, but it is a periodic table, so natural I loved it. sorry it is in spanish...

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