Monday, June 29, 2015

Grateful for all I'm learning!‏

Family and friends, 

Well I'm going to start this email off with the funniest story of the
week. Hermana Clements and I had a lesson with a man that we had
talked to on the streets a few weeks ago. In Spain, there are big
apartment buildings with doorbells to all the apartments in the
building - such as 1 a-d, 2 a-d, etc. We rang the doorbell to 2a,
talked to the man, he let us in, we were feeling lazy so took the
elevator. We pressed 2 (at least thought), but somehow ended up on
level 3, unknowingly. A kind woman answered (a lot of people share
apartments here), said this man went to run an errand but should be
right back so we can wait in her kitchen. We did, for about 10 minutes
then decided to call him. He answered and said he was home. We
explained we were at his apt waiting in his kitchen, and he responded
'I don't think so... What does it look like?' We described it, he said
he thought we were in 3a, we left the kitchen and talked to another
random girl which confirmed that. Awkward. So we left them with our
card and exited, went down a level, and found 2a. The man told us he
could hear us talking above him. Haha. He and his wife found it funny
though, it was a great ice breaker for the lesson. :) So even though
we were awkwardly waiting in literally a random kitchen, it's okay.
I'm convinced the other sweet lady needs the gospel in her life. 

This week we have had some great lessons. We have also struggled some
because suddenly everyone is leaving for vacation (many people take a
month to 2 month vacations), super busy with work, or just seems to
not have much time to meet. Edward and Mostafa (both with baptismal
dates) fall into the crazy work category. Luckily we were able to meet
with each of them, but no with the same frequency that we would like.
They both are doing well though and are still loving it and

I also had intercambios this week and went to Torrejón with Hermana
Baxter. It was fun to see a new area and serve with a different
companion for the day. I learned a lot from the experience. 

This Tuesday I had a great personal study, then on Wednesday read a
talk from Elder Bednar that my dad sent me that went along with it
perfectly. And our district meeting had to do with my studies, it was
great. I was just having one of those moments in which I felt slightly
inadequate for the job. But this week I have truly learned that
"...God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the
things which are mighty" 1 Corinthians 1:27. And that He will "make
weak things become strong unto them." (Ether 12:27). I know that as I
use the atonement in my life to overcome my weaknesses, I will develop
the Christlike attributes that are needed for me to be a successful
missionary! I'm grateful for everything I am learning and for the
opportunity to share the wonderful news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Thanks for the emails from all! I appreciate them! Love you all! Have
a great week! 

Hermana Bingham
Mission shoes... I've been super glueing them a lot these days so they don't snap in half. Haha
We made mini cheesecakes for Karen's birthday!
There is a 'work out' park that we pass by the church everyday. We
decided to try it out one of the mornings this week. Everything has NO
resistance but it was fun!

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