Monday, July 20, 2015

6 months! ...1/3 of the mission‏

Querido familia y amigos! 
Well first of all, as of today I have been a missionary for 6 months.
I have been thinking a lot about this for the past week. It's
interesting to compare what kind of a missionary I thought I would be
compared to what I am. Just in general missionary life is so different
than I pictured it, in a good way. I've only completed a third of it
and can't imagine my life without it. One of the biggest things I have
been grateful for recently is the opportunity to really learn HOW to
study the gospel. I hardly ever studied for a whole hour straight
before the mission, now that hour flies by. Another part of the
mission that is hard to explain, but I've had a few experiences this
past week, is being able to see just a tiny glimpse of how much our
Heavenly Father loves every single person. One experience with this
was with Karen. I know I always tell stories about her and her kids,
it's because they are sooo great and I love them tons and have tons of
great memories with them. We met and talked about some things and
getting her prepared to go to the temple Saturday! She is so excited!
Then I felt like we should share a Mormon message I really like - I
think it's called 'Mountains to Climb' in English. Mountains to Climb We were all crying.
As we were talking after, I don't know how to explain it, but I just
felt the love of Heavenly Father for her. Another experience I had,
that was very different was yesterday while contacting. We stopped
this spaniard man who said "I don't believe in God", in English even.
Anyway, we didn't know exactly which direction we should take the
conversation but somehow ended up saying 'faith is happiness' and that
got his attention. I realized that a lot of things we said were not
our ideas but must have been what he needed to hear. And relating it
to the love of our Heavenly Father, that He even loves the random
atheist man on the streets in Spain. 
For about a week we had not heard from our investigator Edward. Every
time we called it went straight to his message machine. We called
Saturday, and it actually rang! Turns out he lost his phone. We were
really happy to hear from him and I'm excited to start teaching him
again. We also haven't met with Mostafa much lately due to his work
and family life. But he has the weekends off so he came to church
yesterday. He is the most friendly guy, is literally friends with
about half the ward already. We could hardly get his attention for one
minute to set up a time to meet this week. Haha. He actually wanted to
meet right after church so we did. He is awesome and loves everything
but with such spaced out lessons it is really hard because he doesn't
always remember things. But we will be patient and his work schedule
will slow down after the summer. He ended up coming to the FHE last
night we had at Andy's as well. He loved it so much he wants us to
come do one in his house with his family! :) I'm so excited for that.
Speaking of the FHE, I have to include this for my family, whose
family reunion game is always mafia. We played that at the FHE last
night. It definitely didn't function quite the same as it does at our
family reunions, but it was super fun and hilarious! 
We also had the meet the new mission president/zone conference this
week. I learned tons and it was really great. One thing President Pack
talked a lot about was obedience. I know that he is called of God to
be the mission president here during this time. I am excited to
continue to learn from him. One of my favorite things Hermana Pack
shared was a story and basically how we should be asking in prayer
every morning "what is it today?" And "who is it today?" I know this
will help me really do what the Lord needs me to do each day. I've
been trying to focus on following the promptings of the Spirit in
everything and am excited to see what miracles happen as I pray for
His help specifically each day in prayer in the way Hermana Pack
I love you all lots! Hope you have an awesome week! 
Les Quiero! 
Hermana Bingham
Me and Hermana Olsen! We also got to go the temple again this week!

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