Sunday, July 19, 2015

A little bit about some new investigators‏

Hola family and friends! 
It's been a good week. Changing companions is a new experience, but it
has been good. Hermana Olsen is a hard worker and great teacher. And
super nice and fun. The people here already love her! It's been a
great learning experience for me as well. I'm grateful for all I'm
learning and all the people we have the opportunity to teach. 
This week we taught a few new investigators that are all really cool.
One was Jehovanissa. She is evangelist but open to learning more and
really liked our first lesson. She's funny and says amen about every
10 seconds, she is cute. The other was with Mami and her daughter
Pilar. They are going through some personal trials and I know the hope
and blessings of the gospel are what they need. We are also teaching
this 22 year old Antony. He comes to our English classes Tuesday and
Thursday nights then we teach him after. Thursday he brought his
friend Diana so we changed lesson plans and taught the restoration. It
was a good review for Antony and Diana was very accepting of it. I
think the fact Antony is sharing this message with others already
shows a lot of how interested he is. The member, whose name is also
Diana, helping in that lesson gave really great powerful testimonies
that I know helped. Members are so amazing in lessons, they make a
huge difference! 
Two of our 'regulars' that we teach, Mostafa and Lilian, have had
really busy work schedules and we hadn't met with them all week. But
they both showed up to church!! It made my day. Hopefully we can meet
with them soon. 
Hope you all have a great week. Love you all lots! 
Hermana Bingham 
I didn't take exciting pictures, but I had to get rid of my old
sandals sadly, they become irreparable. So naturally I had to get a
tan line picture before a new one starts. 
And I tried a selfie...
Couldn't quite get myself in it but shows Hermana Olsen and how we do
emails these days.

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