Monday, August 17, 2015


Family and Friends!

What a crazy week. First news first, I have now left my first area of the mission. It was so hard. I love Sanse and all the people there so much. Yesterday was really hard saying bye to everyone, I've never been a fan of goodbyes. But I'm also really excited for a new area, companion, experiences, etc. I am going to Barrio 8 (8th ward) in Madrid. It is a ward right by the temple, we share the stake center with Barrio 6 so I'll get to see the temple all he time! My new companion is Hermana Vilariño. I just met her so don't know much but will get to know her more soon. She is from Spain and from what I've heard just speaks a little English so I'm going to learn even more Spanish! Yay!! There is another companionship of Hermanas in our ward and we share a piso. One is Hermana Berry from my MTC group and another Hermana Spencer that I know a little. They're both awesome. I'm excited.

This week was great in Sanse. Hermana Olsen and I had some good lessons and also found some really awesome people in the streets. We also got to see many people - investigators and less actives- yesterday between church and the FHE activity. I have many great memories of Sanse. The AP's and other Hermanas both had a baptism on Saturday as well. Nancy and William were baptized. It was a beautiful baptism and I'm excited for both of them. They bother bore their testimony, and you could see how happy and full of the Spirit they felt.

We also had a zone training this week. It was a great meeting. The biggest news from that is that President Pack has made a change to our schedule. We used to study until 11:30 then have 2 hours for Medio Dia (because we don't have dinner). Now we will leave the piso at 10:30 and take one hour of our Medio Dia to do companionship study. So an extra hour of time to work. I'm really excited! President Pack has promised miracles as we stick to this schedule even though it will be a change.

On Saturday I also finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish! Even though I read it not in my native language, I'm sure I learned more than every other time. I'm learning how to actually apply it to my life and use it to help those I'm teaching. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that as we read it and live the principles it teaches, the gospel, we can learn more about and come closer to our Savior.

I'm so grateful to be a missionary and share the joyful news of the gospel. I know there are people who the Lord has prepared who are ready to learn and accept this message. I'm excited to go to Barrio 8 and keep searching for those people. 

I hope you all have an awesome week. Love you all!  

Hermana Bingham

P.S. I have tons of pics to send... Sorry for the overload.

Angel took us to eat delicious food from Ecuador.
The best running with the Bulls I'll get.
Mercedes and Simon (members)
Christian and Cristina (members)
Those I love in Sanse!
The Larsens (Matrimonial couple)

Zully (member)
Lisa and Nancy (members - Nancy was baptized on Saturday)
Diana (member)
Lida (member)
Caroline Pack
Angel (member)
Cecilia (member)
Nelsey and Agustina (members)
Mostafa (investigator)
Monolo (member - 'grandpa')
Andy (ward mission leader)
Wellington (member)
Eusebio (member)
Setting up for first in Sanse and the running with the Bulls - missed it by a week
The Matos (members - Jesus and Patricia)
FHE activity
Karen, David, and Alison. :)

Cristian (member)

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