Monday, August 3, 2015

BBQ with the ward missionaries‏

Hola Familia y Amigos!

I continue to learn and love my experiences here in Spain as a missionary. I'm really excited about some of the investigators we are teaching. We started teaching a really cool guy from the Dominican Republic this week, Oscar. He is very nice and wants to learn more. We are also still teaching Mostafa, just unfortunately the weekends only when he has time. But he still loves everything. He has a lot to learn still - without much of a Christian background even - but is very open to what we teach him. We also are teaching a man from Peru, Homer. He is very prepared for the gospel. He brought his cute 7-year-old daughter to church Sunday. Turns out a kid in our ward is her classmate at school. He's only 7 yet he was right away being her friend, showing her where they went, etc. I love how much the ward here friendships everyone right away! They also had to leave a little early and she didn't want to go, I think that is a good sign. :) We haven't met with Edward in a long time but did this past week and had a great lesson and got him back with a baptismal date. It looks like we will be able to meet with him with more frequently now which will be good.

We had district meeting on Wednesday and did a really cool activity. Each companionship taught the first lesson of the restoration in 5 minutes, but switching off every 10 seconds. We did it in front of everyone else to get feedback and I was afraid it was going to go horribly, but it didn't. It ended up being a super good learning experience of what thing we missed, how we can improve, and how we can teach with better unity in the future. We also had intercambios this week. Hermana Olsen went back to Torrejón (her last area) and I stayed here with Hermana Keleman.

We have been wanting to do something with the ward missionaries outside of them coming to lessons with us so we can get to know them better and strengthen our relationship with them. We decided to cook for them and have them all come eat during one Medio Dia. We did it this past Saturday, at the mission home. We had an American BBQ. It was so fun! I made an effort to try and talk with each ward missionary. They're great, fun people! I think it was a success. And I got to eat hamburgers, watermelon, and American chocolate chip cookies. I'm sending the one photo I have of it... Only a handful of us and most faces you can't even see. I am trying to take pictures more, just need to improve still.

It's been a great week! I hope you all have had a great week too. Thanks for all your support!

Hermana Bingham

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