Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy New Year!‏

Dear family and friends,

I've had a good week. Hermana Maza and I visited many members this
week. We also have Gerbert and Yonathan that are progressing and doing
well. And an old (from a few months ago) investigator Dayana was able
to meet again. She's awesome! Very prepared. With awesome questions.
We had another miracle with Victor. He's a 12 year old kid that has
come to church for a long time with his great-grandma. He now has
permission to be baptized! January 16th. He's a great kid. I really
loving teaching kids. 

Also, this week started a new year! The tradition here in Spain is eat
12 grapes for each 12 seconds before the new year, and if you
accomplish it, you'll have a lucky year. Well, sadly, I was way too
tired to wake up again at midnight to eat my grapes... Hopefully it's
still a great year. :) I've loved reflecting on this past year and the
things I want to change this year. Things I need to improve, talents I
want to develop, etc. I've learned how important setting goals are
during my mission. 

This week I also was looking through my journal. I like to put a
'title' each day so I can quickly look through and find things. I was
enjoying it way to much reading titles and a few entries. I was
reminded of so many things I've experienced, miracles I've seen, good
days, hard days, and in general how blessed I am to be here on a
mission. I love it. I'm so grateful for all who have impacted my
decision to come on a mission. 

I love you all tons! 
Hermana Bingham

Helping out with the RS gifts
Hermana Maza's mom sent her Christmas present with her stake that was visiting the temple this week, so we had our second Christmas. And couldn't wait to open in piso.
New Years Eve dinner

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