Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Elder Bednar visit

Family and Friends,

What a great week it has been to be a missionary here in Madrid. I have been privileged to be in many amazing meetings, be very aware of the Spirit helping me daily, and receive tender mercies that confirm to me my Heavenly Father is aware of me personally. On Wednesday we had interviews with our mission president. He always helps me out and has great things to say. Him and Hermana Pack stayed for our district meeting. We talked a lot about the importance of using and studying the Book of Mormon in our personal lives as well as all those we are in contact with. On Friday to Saturday morning the hermanas from Alcorcón were with us for intercambios. I had the opportunity to work with Hermana Duffin, who has been out for 3 weeks. I related to her a lot and we had an awesome day together. She's a great example of service, diligence, and giving our all. We didn't have any planned lessons for the morning but decided it would be good to pass by for a few members. The visit to a young, new mom was just what she needed and after building more confidence she openly shared with us about a friend she's been trying to share the gospel with. In the evening we taught the little boy, Leo, and once he understood we were talking about tithing (in Spanish DIEZmo) and not the 10 commandments (DIEZ mandamientos) and the slightly advanced math for him, he offered to give us his money on the spot. Haha. How great would it be if everyone was so willing to keep all the commandments so willingly?

Between Saturday and Sunday I was able to attend 3 meetings with Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles - one with the missionaries, one with the stake, and one with the youth and young single adults. It was an amazing experience. During the meeting with the stake Elder Bednar specifically addressed those who aren't members of our church and basically taught the Restoration of the church of
Jesus Christ in the most powerful way I've heard it. Amazing. The meeting with the missionaries and youth/YSA was more of a discussion with Elder Bednar. And lots of question and answer time. I learned a ton, way too much to write here. Some of my favorite things were talking about our personal conversion - it comes little by little. And how we should take our questions into the Book of Mormon. I'm grateful for all I learned from him and all the impressions I personally received.

Another highlight of the week was getting to have an old companion visit me. Hermana Maza, who I trained, went home (south of Spain) for knee surgery. She got permission to come to Madrid for the meetings with Elder Bednar and... To stay in our piso Saturday night!! It was awesome talking to her and seeing how she was doing. It basically was the best weekend I've had in the mission between that and Elder Bednar.

Love you all!
Hermana Bingham

Hermana Maza

Hermana Smith

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