Monday, May 2, 2016

Here in Leganés

Family and Friends,

I've had a good first week in Leganés. The people here are very kind.  
In fact, at church, many people were anxious to introduce themselves
 to me. I know I'm going to love it here.


I've met a lot of new people this week, I'll tell you about a few of 
them. Our most progressing investigator is Eloisa, a cute 73-year-old
Spanish lady. She already believes everything is true. Although she
 has trials in her life she truly recognizes the peace the gospel
 brings her and loves studying the scriptures. She has a great desire 
to learn more. She's preparing well for her baptism at the end of the
 month. We are also teaching a genius 7-year-old boy (mom's just coming back to church and dad isn't a member). He's amazing. The other
 Hermanas gave him a children's version of the Book of Mormon two days 
before and he had already read almost the entire book and could tell 
us his favorite stories with names and details I surely didn't know at
7. He's teaching me a lot, doesn't even need us. His example of
 patience with his younger brother is also amazing. He already is an
 amazing little missionary and will continue to bless the church. I
 also met a lady from Portugal who was baptized here a few weeks ago.  
Her story of finding the church is long but basically the missionaries
 were completely led by the spirit to find her. She has lung cancer and
 has been given 3 months max to live. It was a blessing to hear the way
 she spoke of how grateful she is to have found the gospel. Jenny is 
another recent convert here in Leganés. A recent returned missionary 
gave her number to the missionaries a few months ago. She acts like
s he's been a member her whole life (she's 17) and has been a great
 blessing already to this ward. I know the Lord has hastened His work 
here recently and will continue to do so.  

I'm excited to work in Leganés! And to talk to my family Sunday! Love you all!


Hermana Bingham

What happens when you play soccer without shoes

Love the colorful wall art here

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