Monday, April 25, 2016

Me voy a Leganés‏

Family and friends, 
I don't even know exactly where to start, but it seems like a lot has
happened this week. It started as a pretty normal week- some pretty
rough times and miracles all in the same day. Hermana Hill and I spent
lots of time trying to find some new investigators that would
progress. Our most creative activity was using her artistic talent and
using chalk in the park to draw superman and Christ and strike up
conversations with people then ask what superheroes and Christ have in
common. Some had to really think and some immediately said they both
save people. It was a fun activity. We also taught the special sabbath
day devotional to a few other members and I felt the spirit strong. I
think two of those lessons were some of my spiritual highlights from
the whole week. 
On Friday we had an awesome 1st annual Styrofoam Derby activity with
the branch. It took quite a bit of preparation, but was completely
worth it. There was a great turn out and the branch had a blast. 
Everyone took good care of me on my bday Saturday. Hermana Hill woke
up in the middle of the night to decorate the piso with balloons and
birthday signs. Members called. The Bakes made dinner and a birthday
cake for me. And after dinner we found out about transfers. Everyone
stayed, but me. I'm headed to Leganés, a small town to the southwest
of Madrid. My new companion will be Hermana Smith. I already miss
Santiago and the people. A short 12 weeks didn't seem like enough. And
to realize I have my 11 more weeks in Leganés then home is even more
crazy. I'm excited to get to know and love more people here in Spain! 
I hope you all have a wonderful week. Love you! 
Hermana Bingham 
Umbrellas don't help too much when the rain comes at a 90 degree angle
Susi, Gabriella, and Laura with their styrofoam derby cupcake car
What do superman and Christ have in common?
Do I dress for the black stormy side or sunny blue side?  haha that's Santiago
Birthday cake
1st Annual Santiago Styrofoam Derby

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