Sunday, April 3, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hola Family and Friends! 
Hope you all had a great Easter yesterday! I think I mentioned last
week that they celebrate a whole Easter week here, so many people were
out of school and work and on vacations. A whole one of our
investigators stayed in Santiago, but we still had a good week. Okay,
it also was honestly a little bit of a long week. Hermana Hill and I
have applied the quote "push it, push it, to the limit, limit" to our
current mission life. Some of my most challenging times in the mission
have been the best, especially looking back. And the awesome miracles
also come soon after the challenging times. We are just setting up for
the miracles. :) 
We've had some really good finding experiences this week. Miracles are
already starting. We were challenged to really push our comfort limits
and not just say "hey we are missionaries", but to have more fun and
talk to them like normal people first. It's been fun. Hermana Hill and
I have our favorite park now to go talk with people. We found a super
cool man, Ramón, that was just reading on a bench and also some high
school boys who were playing soccer and they taught us to do a trick.
During intercambios, we talked with a lady who was doing the Camino de
Santiago and had a great conversation with her. 
Sorry this is a short email, can't really think of anything else. I'm
now in Vigo with the zone for a zone pday then a zone conference
tomorrow. We were going to take a boat to a small island, but sadly
there is a big storm so we can't. It will still be a fun day. Love you
Hermana Bingham 
Some new friends

Churros and chocolate with Sheila
Comida with Angie and Hermana Hinton during intercambios
Fourth Sunday dinner with branch

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