Monday, April 18, 2016

Visit to farm and James grave‏

Dear Family and Friends, 
This week was good. We had some good lessons with a few of our
investigators and members. Hermana Hill and I were talking about all
the people we visit and the privilege it is. Literally about 2/3 of
the people we teach are special in their own way- psychological
problems, depression, addictions, etc. We could easily look at it as
how hard it is, but we feel honored that the Lord trusts us to take
care of these children of His. Each one of them literally has a need
for the gospel and the healing effects of the Atonement of Jesus
Christ and we get to be the messengers of the wonderful news. 
On Tuesday night we went out and visited the branch president,
President Goyes, and his family who live out about and hour in the
country on a farm. We had a little family home evening. After, Hermana
Goyes asked if we wanted some fresh milk and eggs. We said yes, then
realized a few minutes later she had left to go get it right off the
farm. President Goyes invited us to go look and gave us a small tour.
It was pretty cool. And I found out I like fresh milk. 
This week I also had the opportunity to meet a less active member who
was the first man baptized in Santiago. Him and his wife are so sweet
and kind, great people. It breaks my heart when the rush of life keeps
people from making it to church and enjoy all the blessings of living
the gospel. He had some amazing experiences to share. It was also his
simple testimony to a friend years ago that converted the biggest
active family - kids/grandkids- of our branch here. We never know what
the affect of sharing a simple testimony could be. 
Yesterday in church we talked a lot about love. I have seen how
important love in missionary work is. Two great blessings came from
showing this love. Hermana Hill and I have been trying to get ahold of
two members and haven't been able to for quite awhile and were sad we
couldn't. We went to both of their houses about two weeks ago and left
them a little nice note with our number. Yesterday one of them called
us to let us know her phone had been stolen and the only way she could
get ahold of us is from that note which had our number. The other has
just been really busy but found the note in the back of her mailbox
and just helped her remember we're here and love her and sent us a
text to be able to come visit her. I know as we show little acts of
kindness it really softens people's hearts. 
For pday today we went to the cathedral here and visited where the
apostle James is supposedly buried. Also, the Bakes went to Madrid
this weekend and there's a Costco there now so they brought us some
delicious treats. And I keep forgetting to mention this, but they
speak Gallego here. Almost everyone speaks Spanish as well, but I'm
getting to learn some Gallego - very little. All the signs are in
Gallego so I learn random phrases. It's a Spanish and Portuguese mix.
I think that's about it for the week. Hope you all have a great one! 
Love you! 
Hermana Bingham

Goyes farm
Our friend Jose
James grave
My building! (Quimica=chemical) There is a university here.

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