Thursday, April 14, 2016

Miracles keep coming‏

Family and Friends, 
I had another wonderful week. Heavenly Father continues to bless us. 
The saddest part of the week happened Monday evening. We were supposed
to go back to Alcobendas, my first area, to work before going to the
mission home. I was sooo excited to work there and visit a few people,
but we had a delay getting there. On the renfe train we were at one
stop where we had to change trains and after 3 trains coming by then
saying it was out of service we heard there was an 'obstruction' on
the track (never found out what) so we went in metro which took a long
time and we got to Alcobendas just in time to leave for the mission
home. It was a bummer, but hopefully I'll get another opportunity. I
did get to talk to Karen (recent convert) and her kids on the phone
for a few minutes and they're doing great!Hermana Hill and I with 4
other hermanas from the north and islands slept at the mission home
then we had concilio on Tuesday. I love concilio. It's a huge blessing
to be a part of. This month we talked about the importance of our
teaching skills and how to improve them. I had another moment where I
realized so many of my experiences now will be a huge blessing for the
rest of my life, not just these 18 months. 
We got back to Santiago really late Tuesday night. We had a few really
good lessons on Tuesday. A new man we have been teaching is doing
great, and it is partially thanks to a member who has been helping us
out. Belinda (the member) is awesome. She's taken time to show him
where the church is, just be his friend, and bear great testimonies in
the lesson. I'm grateful for the help we receive. We also taught a new
man where the lesson opened my eyes a bit. Long story short, I am so
grateful to be raised in the gospel and understand the importance and
need of living the gospel.
Wednesday we went to A Coruña for zone training. They just got a new
chapel there that is beautiful! And huge! Can't wait for the day when
Santiago has a chapel. The work is slowly progressing and we pray to
be able to get a stake up here in the north. The training went well. I
learned lots from all the comments made. After we came back to
Santiago with the A Coruña hermanas and we had intercambios. I was
with Hermana Robertson, who's been in the field for a month. I love
new missionaries. Even without understanding everything they give such
a powerful, pure testimony during lessons that really help. We saw
miracles together, including meeting with a less active that I've been
trying to meet with since I've been here and set some great goals. 
One more great experience was a lesson we had with another new,
Alexander. We met on Sunday in a park area because we couldn't find a
member to meet inside. We were under a covering, but it was pouring
and cold. He invited us to a cafe for hot cocoa. He has a cousin
that's a member and knows quite a bit about our beliefs. He knew we
wouldn't buy it, but said that's why he would. We felt bad because it
was so cold bit we explained WHY it was so important to us to keep the
sabbath day holy and why we felt uncomfortable doing that. It ended up
being a great teaching and learning opportunity, and he patiently sat
in the cold for 30 minutes. Shows his commitment to me as well. 
Sorry I didn't even express how well the week really went in this
email, but it really was great. I'm loving Santiago and my mission in
general more and more each week. 
Love you all! 
Hermana Bingham 
Breakfast crew for Concilio
Visit to Vigo for pday

That storm coming in...We didn't quite make it out of the hike to the car in time
Ellie (our good GPS friend) took us on quite the backroad adventure

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