Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wonderful week in the mission!‏

Family and Friends! 
It has been an amazing, spiritual, humbling, miracle-filled week for
me. On Tuesday we had zone conference. What most impressed me in the
meeting was the importance to include the Lord in missionary work, His
work. I had a humbling experience and felt silly for acting this way
for so long - but I had gotten caught up in how I need to be more
creative for finding, I need to work harder, I need to figure out how
to teach and touch these people, I, I... Yeah I think I made my point.
I was humbled as I remembered that is has nothing to do with me, it's
the Lord's work and He will help me as I ask and seek for His help.
Hermana Hill and I tried to apply what we learned immediately that
evening. Long story short, we had an appointment with a man at 6:30
who just moved here and number is from another country which our phone
can't contact so through helpful members we had the lesson set up, but
no way to confirm it. We were in the park, and as many days in
Santiago, the sky was full of grey clouds, ready to rain any minute.
Separately, and unconscious that the other was doing it, Hermana Hill
and I prayed that 1) the man would come and 2) it wouldn't rain until
after the lesson- it could pour right after, but wait until we
finished. About 15 minutes late the man showed up, we had a great
lesson with him, we prayed, stood up from the bench, and literally
within seconds it was pouring. I know it wasn't a coincidence.
Heavenly Father answers prayers. We also had a cool experience
knocking doors this week. The truth is I haven't found too much
success doing it throughout my mission, but with the situation we had
a few minutes and it was pouring and thought maybe we should try. We
got inside a building, prayed to know where we should go. I thought 4,
Hermana Hill 7 so we did both floors. Between the 3 doors on each
floor we picked one and in both cases had great conversations and an
invitation to come back. I know that was with the help of the Lord as
well. These are only 2 of the many miracles we've witnessed is week. 
Another highlight of the week was general conference. I feel blessed I
was able to listen to it all (besides Sunday afternoon still because
of time difference). There were many talks I loved and I was able to
receive answers to some questions. I'm not going to list all my
favorites but I loved Elder Stevenson's analogy of priesthood keys,
Elder Bednar's explanation of how baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost,
and the sacrament are related, and Sister Oscarson's question of 'do I
REALLY believe it?'. I felt like there was a big emphasis on saving
the lost sheep, reaching out and loving all, truly living and
believing what we know, and remembering who we are. With a lot of
other great stuff in between. I'm so grateful to have living prophets
and apostles and the opportunity to literally hear what Heavenly
Father wants me to hear every six months. 
I have a funny dog story to add for the week as well. Hermana Hill and
I wanted to stop by someone's house that lives out in the country. The
Bakes drove us out, but as we got closer the roads got smaller and
rougher so Hermana Hill and I got out of the car to walk the rest of
the way. We were casually walking down this dirt path out in the
middle of no where (picture beautiful green country with wild flowers,
really far apart houses, picturesque basically) when a little
ferocious dog started barking at us and running toward us. My first
instinct was run, but realized it could easily outrun me. So we just
froze there. Two of its little dog friends joined, blocking our path.
We didn't know if we should go back, ask the Bakes to drive us, wait,
or what. As we sat contemplating our options we couldn't help crying
of laughter at ourselves for being in such a dilemma over three little
dogs. In the end we played the slowly walk method and we were fine, no
dog attacks, but I was grateful that I'm not serving out in the
country with loose animals normally. :) 
Between conferences yesterday Hermana Hill and I flew down to Madrid
so we can be here for our leadership meeting Tuesday morning. We got
to the stake center in Pavones right at 6 when conference was
starting. It was fun being back in my old building. And a huge tender
mercy to see many people from my previous area. On top of that, I get
to go to my first area tonight to work before heading to the mission
home. I hope to be able to find some of the old people I taught. It's
going to be great! 
I'm so grateful to be serving here in Spain. I continue to see
miracles and have experiences that change me for the better. I'm
grateful I choose to serve a mission. I know the church that Jesus
Christ established has been restored. We have the priesthood keys on
the earth that make it possible to live with our Heavenly Father
again. His plan for us is a plan of love. 
Hope you all enjoyed conference and have a wonderful week! Love you all! 
Hermana Bingham 
Santiago Zone

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