Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finding Miracles.

Family and Friends,

Hola! The weeks are flying. This week we had a low number of lessons, but Hermana Barlow and I still had fun. Even days when we were out in the heat a lot of the day we came home feeling accomplished and as if we'd done our best. We keep seeing the finding miracles as we talk to everyone. We have received more numbers of people to go visit than I have in a long time this week. We also were teaching a new investigator when her friend stopped by and wanted to listen as well so we get to share the gospel with both of them. When we passed by for an inactive member, she had already moved back to her country but her daughter wanted us to visit her. The very last person we talked to the other night had good memories of the missionaries when they visited her husband a long time ago and invited us to visit the whole family.  I actually had an interesting conversation with Hermana Olsen when I was with her this week about how we see miracles daily - it doesn't always mean the people we are teaching recognize these miracles and change, but it seems to be just what we need as missionaries to keep going some days. Not sure if that makes sense how I said it even, but I feel very blessed to recognize 'little' miracles daily.

On Thursday Hermana Barlow and I were in Barrio 3 (Carabanchel) with our sister training leaders for the day for exchanges. I got to be companions with Hermana Olsen - we served together a year ago. It was super fun being together, sharing fun mission stories, and seeing how much we have both changed in a year. Good times. Hermana Barlow and I stayed with Hermanas Olsen and Graff for the night then we all went to zone conference on Friday. We talked about a lot of basics there, but a good review. We also are having a few changes in the mission.  Nothing too drastic, just good opportunities to help us stay focused on our purpose and see miracles.  We have a tradition in this mission where all the missionaries going home bear their testimonies at their last zone conference - which was this one for me. It was strange. Last zone conference. I don't like those moments when I realize how close to the end I really am. But I'm grateful for every moment I have here!

Love you all!

Hermana Bingham
There is crazy, fun art work in the center of about every round about here. I think I'll start taking pictures of more.

That's not snow.  Just crazy pollen that collects and makes allergy season not so fun for the people of Madrid.
Hermana Barlow trying to stay entertained during calls.

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