Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Last transfer. Training Hermana Barlow.

Family and Friends,

What a great week! For Monday night and Tuesday morning I stayed with Hermanas Duffin and Campillo in Alcorcón until my companion came Tuesday. I had a great time with them! I got to meet more awesome people here in Spain. Then on Tuesday I met my new companion Hermana Barlow. She's great! She is from Las Vegas. I'm so blessed to train her. In fact, our mission president, President Pack, said how clear it was this transfer with who the companionships would be between the trainers and the trainees- that we all had something to give and learn. I've figured out what I needed to learn from Hermana Barlow already, hopefully she learns something from me.

We are still focusing a lot on finding more people to teach. There is a mission-wide challenge to attempt at sharing the gospel with at least 25 people a day for each missionary. Doesn't seem like too many but with busy days or meeting days we have to literally talk to everyone. And it's been so fun. I love coming home at the end of a day and feeling that I've really put all my effort in sharing the gospel with as many as I can. And as we do it with prayer, we have been led to some great people. Yesterday we weren't having much success and had about 10 minutes until a lesson but stopped and prayed to be led to someone who was prepared to listen and know what to say. The second person we talked to is from Columbia, has friends from our church there, and was interested and wanted to meet again. I know the Lord helps us in His work.

We met with a really great new lady this week. She lives in very humble circumstances and is searching for exactly what the gospel can give her. We had a good lesson that led us all to tears as we felt the spirit so strong. I love experiences like that. With another lady, we had been debating if we really should keep visiting her now or if she needed a little time because she hadn't been progressing- she loves our visits but hadn't read in the Book of Mormon or been to church in a long time. Hermana Barlow had a great idea to help her and as we shared it, the lady opened up about her doubts. We talked about a few things and read from the Book of Mormon with her. Two days later she showed up at church. It was a wonderful 'surprise' to see her there.

I love the mission. Working full-time for the Lord is the best job ever.

Hermana Bingham

Hermana Barlow and I.

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