Monday, November 30, 2015

Busy Happy Week

Family and friends,
This week was crazy. In a good way. We ran from one thing to the next
all week. Made the week fly by. Wednesday we had a zone meeting with
all the missionaries from Madrid. I love meetings with big groups of
missionaries and our mission president, I always learn a ton. After,
Hermana Pack and the Larsens (senior missionary couple) prepared a
thanksgiving dinner for all of us. Tons of food, I don't know how they
did it. It was delicious. Thursday Hermana Maza had the privilege to
be the escort of her mom in the temple. Her mom recently completed one
year as a member and President Pack gave her permission to go. Which
meant I got to go as well. It was great to get an extra trip to the
temple and meet Hermana Maza's mom. It was a little weird to be with
family of a missionary, but a great experience. Thursday a family from
the ward, the Guzmans, also made a thanksgiving dinner for us. Even
though Thanksgiving is not a holiday here, it was great to be able to
celebrate it with people. The members are so great and take good care
of us! On Friday we had a ward activity and watched Meet the Mormons.
We had a few investigators come that loved it. It's an awesome movie
to introduce some things about our church. On Saturday we went to
teach three kids that we are teaching. They forgot and were having a
going away party for a friend who was moving to Chile. They just
invited all their friends to listen to our message as well. Somehow we
got about 10 kids to listen to us attentively. It was a fun lesson. 
Gerbert and Yonathon are still progressing well. We are all getting
excited for Gerbert's baptism in a few weeks. Also, Hermana Maza and I
were in a picture taking mood this week, so enjoy the millions of
photos. Mostly of food. No, I'm not going hungry. 
Love you all! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
Hermana Bingham 
Thanksgiving meal at zone conference
I love Hermana Maza!
Temple with Hermana Maza's mom
Attempt at panoramic at the Guzmans
Fufu with Rosa (recent convert). You eat it with your hands.
Ecuadorian food with Gizella (investigator). and her sister Eliana (member).
A bunch of the kids we taught
African food with Yonathon (investigator). and Diana (member).
Eber and Marie Carmen (members) are leaving to Ecuador for awhile and not sure if we will be here when they return.  Love them so much!
Food with Bishop Palma and his wife Marie Fe

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