Monday, November 23, 2015

Visit from Elder Christiansen and Elder Dyches‏

Family and Friends, 
It's been a great week. Another week that I've felt so blessed.
Gerbert and Yonathon (found out this week his name is spelt with a Y
not a J) are progressing great and preparing for their baptisms. We've
met with Gerbert almost every day this week. I am really grateful for
the ward and support they are giving them. Yesterday Yonathon said, "I
like church. Normally I would just sit at home and watch movies on
Sunday. Church is way better." I'm excited and grateful for their
progress. The kids that we are teaching are loving the lessons as
well. We taught The Plan of Salvation and I thought we would teach
pretty simple but kids minds are curious and we ended up answering a
lot of questions. I loved it. Every day I am loving the work and the
people here more and more. 
We also has a fireside because two members of the Seventy were here on
Thursday. It was a wonderful experience. We had a meeting first with
only missionaries and later all the wards in Madrid were invited. I
learned a lot and had a lot to ponder after the meetings. Looking at
my notes I had written a ton of questions. Here are a few. Those who
spoke were Elder Christiansen, Sister Christiansen, Elder Dyches,
Sister Dyches, President Pack, and Hermana Pack. 
Questions from fireside:
-What would my response be when I see the Savior? 
-Do I know who I am? What my divine identity is?
-Am I making the small decisions daily that will lead to what my
eternal goals are? 
-When have I seen the empowering power of Christ in my life? 
-Am I asking in prayer to see His hand in my life? To learn more
through personal experiences about the Atonement? 
-Do I know how to not just teach about the Atonement but apply it and
teach how to apply it? 
-Am I putting into action the things I know to be true? (I shouldn't
just know something, but know/feel/and do it!) 
-What can I do between now and Christmas to become more closer to
Christ? What can I offer Him? How can I become more like Him? 
-What will I do now to strengthen my testimony and become more
committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ so that I can have a
multigenerational, strong, happy family in the church (like Alma in
Book of Mormon)? 
-What is the importance of the temple to me? Why do I "love to see
(and enter) the temple"?

It was a wonderful spirit-filled day. 
I challenge you all to ponder
these questions as well. Thanks for all the love and support. Hope you
all enjoy Thanksgiving this week! I wanted to make a few pies so
searched in multiple stores during pday today for pie pans... They
don't exist and couldn't even find anything to use as a substitute.
Sad. But it's all good. You'll have to eat some pie for me! :) Love
you all! 
Hermana Bingham 
My companion was lucky enough to get a photo with Elder and Sister Christiansen. 
Herman's of barrio 8 with the girls of the Tellez Family

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