Monday, November 16, 2015

I love being a missionary‏

Dear family and friends,

This week was an amazing week to be a missionary. I love looking back
and seeing the importance of pushing through the hard times or weeks
then see the miracles and blessings in abundance after the trial. One
of our investigators, Leo, has been an investigator my entire time
here in Barrio 8. We've really struggled with a few things in his
teachings. Tuesday we were teaching him and a lady from barrio 6
walked by us - only because she had something bothering her in her eye
so she was going to use the bathroom in the church before going in to
the temple. She saw us, knows Leo as well, and thought 'do I stay and
help or go fix my eye?'. She stayed. And was a huge help. After we
talked about what we each felt we could do to help Leo, and we were
all on the same page. I love the Spirit. She also had some references
of people in our area to pass by. Later that day we had time so we
passed by one family. We didn't know a whole lot, just they had been
to English class a long time ago. We had to take the bus pretty far,
took awhile to find, the light in the building wasn't working and was
a little sketch, but we made it. Turns out the grandma of these kids
is a member of our ward. The kids are 8,10, and 11 and precious. They
just wanted to read the Book of Mormon even though they knew nothing.
So we explained it and read some and gave them each a copy. A few days
later we went back and they had read quite a bit. They had a friend
over and we're sharing everything they had learned with her. One of
the girls said, "if you want to know if the book is true, you have to
read from right HERE. the beginning". I love teaching kids, they have
lots of faith and just say what they think. 

We also met with our investigator Jonathan. He has no religious
background so the teaching has been little by little. He didn't know
much about Jesus at all, never heard words like atonement, faith,
baptism. I've loved teaching him though because he has real desire to
learn and know. This week he accepted to be baptized. January 9th.
Seems forever away. Next year. But will come fast and is perfect for
him. Gerbert also accepted to be baptized the 19th of December. We had
a few investigators and some of the less actives we've been working
with at church yesterday and it made my day. It's been a great, busy
week full of miracles. These were just some highlights. I'm so
grateful to be a missionary and be a really small part of the Lord's

Love you all! Hope it's been a great week! 
Hermana Bingham 
I met Hermana Koivisto this week. She knew me because my blog is her
mom's favorite. Haha. So this photo is for Hermana Koivisto's mom. :) 
We went to Parque Europa today.  There's a bunch of mini versions of famous places around Europe.  The truth is I enjoyed the beautiful green grass, trees, and nature probably more than the sites.  But it was cool.
No I don't really get to knock on dramatic doors like this.
We made it to Paris!

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