Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sickness... But we continue to be blessed‏

Friends and Family,

This week was a week of health trials, but as always was still full of
blessings and miracles. Last Sunday I had major jaw pain that lasted
about 4 days, and is finally feeling almost back to normal (maybe
TMJ... We don't know for sure). This weekend all 6 missionaries
serving in my ward had upset stomachs and fevers- flu. I'm the only
one that hasn't actually thrown up out of the 6... Knock on wood.
Being sick as a missionary is not fun. Thankfully it hasn't affect our
work too much. 

As missionaries we are always asking people if they know anyone that
could benefit from the message we share with them. This week we found
three new, awesome people this way. One is Gisella, the sister of a
member. She's received all the lessons before and already has a
testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.
The other is Mildrey, the friend of a member who just moved here. We
had a great lesson with her and she's excited to learn more. The other
is Juan Carlos, the friend of our investigator Jonathon. Juan Carlos
came to church (Jonathon invited him) and wants to learn more. He
actually lives in another ward so other missionaries are going to
teach him. He's really awesome and prepared. I'm excited to hear about
his progress. 

This week was also transfers, but nothing too new. All the Hermanas in
barrio 8 are staying! Elder Lattronico is going home and Elder
Wiltbank will train. I'm really happy to get to be companions with
Hermana Maza again! We are going to have a great transfer. Hope you
all have a great week! Love you all!

Hermana Bingham 

I love Spain.

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